Tingalpa Model Aero Club Inc

About Dave Summers Trophy

Dave was a long-time member of TMAC and only gave up flying in his mid 80’s when age and infirmity made flying no longer possible for him. Dave had an interesting life – to put it mildly. He was a graphic artist (long before computers when everything was done by hand), a member of 61 Battalion Cameron Highlanders, a Milne Bay veteran, and, by war’s end, an officer in the Intelligence Corps. After the war Dave went on to take over his father-in-law’s farm and became a salt of the earth cow-cocky. When all that became too much he and his wife retired to Brisbane. All those who knew Dave liked him for the true gentleman he was and saw through the shit-stirring, banter loving, crotchety old bastard he pretended to be. Proud of your new Spitfire? Dave said it wasn’t a bad Messerschmitt but you got the markings wrong! Bounced on landing? Dave would say it wasn’t a bad ratio – one take-off to every four landings! Mind you, if something went seriously wrong and you came back with only bits of aircraft you always knew Dave was dinkum when he came to commiserate. All in all Dave was the kind of club member I wish there were more off.

Dave built some lovely model aircraft and those he loved most were of the pre-WW2 variety – hence that’s what the Cup is for. It is held annually in conjunction with TMAC’s November ‘Warbirds and Biplane’ day. No documentation is requires though, as with the Peter Cutler Trophy, the model must [at the chief Judge’s discretion] fly on the day.

Past winners

2023 Adrian Hellwig

2022 Ron Dobbie

2021 Noel stewart

2020 Grant Thompson

2019 - Cancelled due to weather

2018 - Brian Fooks

2017 - Ray Perrin

2016 - Gregor Kruberg

2015 - John Bray

2014 - Adrian Hellwig

2013 - Lionel Weeks

2012 - Willem Sipma

2011 - Adrian Hellwig

2010 - Lionel Weeks

2009 - Brian Fooks