Tingalpa Model Aero Club Inc

Porters field is very well equipped with facilities including:
  • Well maintained long grass runway – orientated ENE (WSW), with several shorter runways in different directions.
  • Separate Heli and drone area, which can also double as a C/L circle
  • Five pilot stations protected by fences
  • A spacious shade covered, concreted pit area with tables and chairs
  • Solar powered, 240V power for charging
  • Well equipped kitchen and BBQ
  • A separate toilet block.
  • Small pond for amphibious aircraft – doubles as water storage for the irrigation system.

The field is situated 10 km from the Brisbane GPO within the Minnippi Parkland – Stanton Rd W, Tingalpa QLD 4173.

TMAC welcomes spectators and interested new comers. Expert Instructors are available during operating hours by appointment.

Hours of Operation

TMAC is open most days, year round, 7 days per week.

Monday – Saturday 7am – 7pm
Sunday 8am – 7pm

Operational Flight Boundaries

Please ensure you are familiar with the requirements of TMAC Operational By-Law 22 – Flight Operations Limits, before you fly at Porter Field.

This includes:

  • NO flying within the Red Area and if an incursion into the Red Area occurs, the Pilot must leave that area in a safe manner as quickly as practical.
  • If the pilot loses control or orientation whilst in the Red Area, the aircraft must be ditched immediately.
  • When flying close to the Eastern Boundary (near the highway) keep the aircraft within the field boundary¬†(fence line), using the visual aids as the turning point.